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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Before I make my post I DEMAND that you all will make my effort to post in this blog worthwhile! Good or bad or whatever, I don't mind.


I ask you all this question. What is wrong with everyone's DNA profile being stored on a central DNA database?

I challenge each and everyone of you to tell me what is wrong with that. Why should it not be done?

Then you may ask. What would this acheive?

It would not solve 100% of crime in a situation where some DNA has been left. Which leads me to my next point. 'With great power comes great responsibility'

Finding a drop of blood at a murder scene doesn't mean that that person who left that blood killed the victim. All it does is tell you that that person was there. Then that person is called in and given an oppertunity to defend themselves. These TV programs like CSI are total bullshit.

Forensics helps to place people at a crime scene, it doesn't tell you what happened at the crime scene.

What kind of person is scared of this DNA database? The people who have something to hide! It is not an invasion of ones civil liberties, stop hugging trees people this is not the 60's! It is a cruel world where there are rapes and murders everyday. And if someone is raped and they find some semen in that girl. Cross it with the database and see who she was raped by. End of story.

Friday, March 17, 2006

GWB does something right...for once

Well reading my title you are probably in stitches laughing! But this is no joke. This is all about the anti-arab America policy. If you haven't guessed yet this post is about the Dubai-World ports (DWP) deal basically being quashed my all pf congress apart from George W. Bush!

"It would send a terrible signal to friends and allies not to let this transaction go through," Mr Bush said.

And it has! What was the main reason behind congress's opposition to a middle-eastern company taking over 6 major US ports? Well the security risk. So why do they think that this company taking over these ports would pose a security risk when DWP are only running the ports....NOT in charge of security? The sole reason that they are basing this security assesment on is the fact that the company is middle eastern, because I mean a british company ran the ports before...

So what has the UAE, one of the most popular holiday destinations for westerners, done to deserve this? I think two of the 9/11 bombers came from the does that make the UAE a terrorist nation? I think not...

So I ask you good people this questions...if some Americans apposed the ports deal on the basis that the company is middle eastern and terrorists come from the middle east....does that mean America is a nation of racist? Again I think not!

It is a sad day when the leaders of the richest country in the world, and the only super power in the world don't allow a country to operate in their country JUST because of the part of the world the company originates from. The coast guards are still in charge of the security situation would be the same as when P&O where in charge!

The most ironic thing about it all is that a dubai based company already runs some smaller ports in American!

We are living in a post 9/11 world though :(

Well, I've done it....

I've created a Blog....not sure why, not sure why though. But I am very bored just now :p

For the past few years I've dispised the blogs. The livejournals and now this is the most popular....well nothing beats myspace to be honest...

Only one person who I can think would read this thing though :p

You know who you are ;)